Dark Days of Anxiety

Whirling like the undercurrent of the ocean,
your powerful strength silent yet unbearable.
These are the days when rational thoughts despair,
paralysed by the weight of irrationality.

A bleak mass, it’s depth a mystery,
disguised within nature and it’s overwhelming familiarity.
Possessing thoughts and polluting immaculacy.
These are the days when light becomes scarce,
in its place a hollow black hole of fallacy.
These are the darkest days.

Today, beating through my skin,
pounding in my head inhibiting sleep,
butterflies shouldn’t make me feel so weak.
These are the darkest days.
Overwhelmed by your invisible power,
Unable to figure out, why my heart’s getting louder.
Triggered by the smallest aggression,
silently delivering your piercing oppression.

Deciphering your code is an impossible deed
Erratically present, no system just speed
Your nemesis; love, truth, integrity and patience,
laughter and joy, reaching beyond just the surface

Opposing your being is an imperfect feat,
only feeding your arrogance, ends in helpless defeat.
Instead, passively accepting, recognising your menace,
Watching you consciously, allowing your presence.
These are the dark days.
But I am the writer
My tomorrow will come and the day shall be brighter.